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I think of weird shit like, where in the computer does the letters I backspace over go...?

Kind of bored with life now... -.-

Still not working, still playing video games... Less of World of Warcraft and more of Terraria and Sims 3 because I can't get off my ass and do basically anything.

But I think the Druff Legacy is finished. Simply because a week ago, Nessa got Dead Island for PC and I uninstalled Sims 3 and all the expansions since I never play it, and saved the family onto a flash drive to make room for Dead Island. And as it turns out I can't install the same game onto a different computer because of Steam. Balls.

After I uninstalled everything, turns out I had cleared away 31GBs of space on my lappy. Holy Shit. And of course after I uninstalled everything I WANTED to play Sims again! RAGE. You don't miss something until its gone, I suppose... Reinstalled almost everything back in, everything except World Adventures for obvious reasons (sucks). and DID NOT (with great effort) reinstall Custom Content. The Druffs pretty much filled the 8GB flash drive I had, so... you get the picture.

I'm gonna try forever now not to play with CC. Why? Because I like torturing myself. Because I don't want to implode my lappy like I nearly did.

On a completely different note, I am forever sad that illusionedwords deleted her journal. :C This is where I met Haley, and livejournal will miss her, but me the most...
FOTC - Shakers!

Best Birthday Evar?! I think so.

The drive over was easy enough. My parents rented a truck, a ginormous Ford with an extended cab, so we had PLENTY of room in the back seats. And there were 3 of us back there. It was nice to not have to drive either. We left at about 4:30am, and I had made myself a Sleepytime Playlist + my noise cancelling headphones = relaxing and a very good nap. I had only slept an hour and a half the night before, at most, so I was VERY grateful I couldn't drive the rental.

When we got there, we went straight to Disneyland, because we got there about 10ish, and the hotel check in wasn't until 3pm.
After going back and forth with Steven saying, where should we go first (beach or Disneyland) we ended up in the parking garage in basically the same area. My family (meaning Nessa) had to change in the truck so I was antsy to see Steven like NAO. Any time spent in California not with Steven is wasted time.
I began walking, my father behind me, and my heart was beating through my chest. I thought maybe I'd meet him by the escalators, but he told me he was still by his car.
And then I saw him.

I wanted to run soo bad to him but I was scared of tripping, so I half jogged, and hugged him. I could have held him endlessly, and I could feel his heart beating out of his chest as well. Oh gosh, I missed him so much. And then suddenly, my family was there and they all shook hands. Steven was soo nervous, but he did good. He asked my parents how the drive was, and then we started walking towards the park, and I finally got to kiss him, and that was blissful.
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So... Procrastinating much?!

Woosh. Tomorrow is the day we'll be driving to California. I so super excited that that word doesn't even cover it! Beyond EXCITE. I haven't seen Steven for 10 months. TEN MONTHS.

I woke up and began packing today, and doing last minute laundry of just the little things like tank tops and towels. And we've been shopping all weekend for cute 80's cloths because we're planning on seeing Flock of Seagulls at the House of Blues. EXCITEMENT. I truly missed out on the 80s, lemme tell ya... I did pretty good clothes wise, now I just need to worry about how I'm going to do my hair!

Pictures of the Vaca will ensue after Sunday when we get back, but I'm not promising any date cause I get so ridiculously depressed after I've just seen Steven and then have to leave him again. Not knowing when the Next Time is going to be. Hurts.

I need some coffee...
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Riley had kittens!

We knew the day was coming, but I honestly didn't think it would be today. Riley is the youngest of our three cats and belongs to my sister. She wasn't fixed on account of my sister never being able to for her own reasons. And she went and did got pregnant. But they are so lovely and bring joy into my heart like nothing else in the world can! BABY KITTIES. 2 Gray ones like her and 1 white one, we're assuming because the father is? Wherever he is. One of the neighborhood cats, apparently.

We had a bit of a scary moment, or more, Nessa and Eddie did because they discovered that Riley did not eat the placenta because she gave birth to the three kittens in the litterbox, so it had litter all over it. Well since the placenta was still around the kittens got all tangled up in them, trying to get milk from their mama.

Luckily they got it all cleaned up and taken care of, but the poor white one's foot is all purple, and the vet told us to rub it and make sure the little guy moves it. If it doesn't get better by the morning, he's got to go to the vet for them to take care of it. I hope its nothing serious! My mom's calling him stumpy! :( Or Stimpy, Ness says, haha!

Anyways, as far as homes go, my parents have already made it clear that we cannot have 6 cats in one house and that's reasonable because its just INSANE. Ratio of people to cats has to be greater, not the other way around. We can't get outnumbered! They'll take over the house! Ahh! we have to give them away. And fortunately enough, family members and friends have already asked for them when they are old enough, and that makes me happy. Eddie, wants one of course, his grand baby. :3

And it so happens to be my Nana's birthday today, if she were still here with us. My mom was happy about that because she loved kittens. I remember her giving Peaches a toy mouse :D

I'm not sure how Peaches feels about all this. She hates Riley, and made to escape earlier but she's on lockdown for sure. And Po is just curious, but keeps his distance. He's such a sweetheart!

So phew its been a long day...
We've finally got all the money together for the tickets to Disneyland for my birthday so I am SUPER excited! I can't wait for my family to meet Steven! EXCITEMENT.
Beth looks like a dude.

So I'm thinking...

Maybe I shouldn't have read the True Blood books before I watched the series. Just so you know: SPOILER ALERTS. PLEASE CONTINUE READING AFTER THE NEXT ALL CAPS SENTENCE SAYING: ITS OKAY TO READ NOW. Anyways, if I was Charlene Harris (not sure if I got the spelling right) I'd be pissed that the series (this 4th one anyways) is so fucking different from what was writen in the books. Its like the writers for the show flipped her off and was like "Oh hai, we're gonna steal your characters now and do whatever we want with them. kthxbye" WTF is up with Jason Stackhouse NOT turning into a WerePanther? and Bill was never King so anything he says or does in the show has no meaning to me. His struggle with killing or not killing Eric was really dumb and pointless. But whatevs. I'm still watching aren't I? More to find out the differences and go along for the ride I suppose.

IT IS OKAY TO READ NOW. So yesterday I got totally snubbed by one of my cousins at the grocery store. It wasnt as much of a snub as it was just awkward. My sister and I were picking up a few things for my mom, and we were leaving the store when I saw my cousin checking out at the self check out, so I stopped and said "Hey, how are you?" My sister didnt see me stop, she was way ahead of me and out the door. I went in for hugs but my cousin continued to check her things out, and then her boyfriend walked up and said hi just like her. Not really interested. So I was just standing there awkwardly for a few seconds wishing I hadnt said anything at all, so I said "See you..." and walked away.

I don't get it... but I realize I've never really been close to my girl cousins, like at all. Theyre all off married and/or having babies or neither like her, and working on her career. I'm none of those. So it must be me right?
I dont even know if I want babies... I mean, of course I do, they'd be beautiful with Steven, but we're definately not stable enough for it, finacially. Or logically, being in different states.
I'm excited for him to meet the parents though. Disneyland is gonna be fun on my 21st birthday! I'm ready to drink those frilly things my sister and mom always drink at resturants or whatnot.

Oh gosh, I am never up this early. I fell asleep around 2:30 am and woke up at 6:30 a few hours later.......
Needless to say, I'm pretty tired.

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Conan vs. The Owl

For the Horde.

Lack of updates due to the discovery of World Of Warcraft. And I'm playing WoW because I don't trust my self to view my f/list just yet seeing as I HAVEN'T SEEN DEATHLY HALLOWS PT. 2 YET.
BLASPHEMY, I know. I'm waiting for my cousin Stephen's wife to get back from New Mexico (which is today), and my sister to not be babysitting. So the plan is to go see it tomorrow morning with both of them. Hopefully it wont be packed (I know that's wishful thinking), and I already know from this video that it's not worth it to see it in 3D or IMAX, so that's good.

Now back to the WoW stuff: I had just gotten into it on the 15th, Nessa did the recruit a friend thingy and started a new character with me. I created a female Tauren named Ecolette: Collapse )

And now back to Potter related stuffs. This meme that I'm not good at posting! D:

Day 6 - Favorite movie?
I think The Order of the Phoenix was a really good one because it put basically my every imagination straight to the screen. And it was intense, the story just in general. I miss Sirius... :(
I did just buy the movie back that came with 1-6 though, and had a marathon with Nessa all last week and I plan to buy Pt. 1 & 2 of the Deathly Hallows in a set when it comes out. Eventually.
Beth looks like a dude.

Day 5 - What’s your wand made of? What’s the core?

I took a quiz on Quizilla and got Unicorn Hair.
"Unicorn Hair. You have a very good heart, but you are a little self-conscious and sometimes insecure about your own abilities. You need your friends to reassure you. You can, however, do great things if you try. Good or bad things - your choice. But as I said, you have a good heart, so I think you will choose the good side.
If you were a Harry Potter character, you'd be either Ron Weasley or Draco Malfoy."

And it would be made of Hazel, based on this chart.